Mesas Radionicas

The Power of Radionics Tables: Your Path to Harmony and Healing

Have you ever heard of a Radionic Table or Radionic Psychogenerator?

These remarkable tools hold the key to investigating, balancing, and healing unbalanced energies in your life.

A Radionic Table is not just an ordinary panel; it’s a sacred geometric intervention board that harnesses the power of ancient symbols and frequencies. As a holistic therapist, I utilize Radionic Tables tailored to your specific needs.

Are you feeling anxious, stuck, or dissatisfied with life?

Radionics offers a transformative solution. By tapping into the subtle energies of the universe, we can clear negative patterns from your past, alleviating their detrimental impact on your present reality. Whether you’re struggling in relationships, career, or personal well-being, Radionics can pave the way for profound healing and rejuvenation.


Ever wondered how a Radionic Table works?

It functions as a powerful tool for mapping and healing, guiding you towards energetic equilibrium and higher vibrational states.

At its core, the Radionic Table acts as a catalyst for identifying and addressing dissonant energies within your being. By adjusting these disharmonic frequencies, our goal is twofold:

  1. Restore Energetic Balance: The first aim is to restore your energetic equilibrium, bringing harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.
  2. Elevate Consciousness: Through targeted adjustments, we elevate your frequency and vibration, allowing you to tap into a higher reality characterized by love, peace, healing, and gratitude.

Our treatment process involves a comprehensive assessment of various factors contributing to disharmony, including external influences, internal imbalances. By meticulously mapping your subtle energy bodies, we uncover existing physical ailments and potential imbalances before they manifest as illness, empowering us to harmonize your energetic frequencies proactively.

As you can see, our approach involves a thorough exploration across multiple dimensions, enabling us to not only address existing physical ailments but also prevent future imbalances.


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Attention: Any Holistic treatment does not dispense medical treatment or the use of medication, it only works as a complementary therapy.

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Quantum Vibracional Table

Power of Quantum Tables: Your Gateway to Cosmic Healing and Manifestation

Curious about the enigmatic world of quantum tables?

While they may bear a resemblance to radionic tables at first glance, their functions diverge significantly, offering a unique pathway to healing and manifestation.

Think of the quantum table as a “cosmic computer” with boundless potential. Unlike its counterparts, it possesses the ability to access and influence all aspects of existence, provided the proper permissions are granted for each unique case.

Functioning as a conduit to the supra-conscious, the quantum table serves as a powerful interface, empowering us to tap into our co-creative abilities and shape our desired reality. By harnessing the quantum realm, we unlock the infinite potential within, paving the way for profound healing, transformation, and manifestation.


How does the Quantum Table work?

The quantum table I use consists of radiesthetic and radionic charts, elements of sacred geometry, the threefold flame, Reiki (4 different ones), Etheric Flowers and other tools…

The use of this technique promotes a sweeping and cleansing of the energetic garbage that we tend to carry throughout our lives and which is the result of internal patterns of feelings and emotions such as fear, hurt, anger, impatience, anxiety, melancholy, jealousy, aggression, insecurity, etc.

The quantum table acts at a high vibrational frequency, creating the possibility of transforming our field on a spiritual, mental, astral, etheric and physical level, with the detection and modification of negative patterns.

This tool allows us to interfere in various realities or planes that coexist with our current reality. By harmonizing other realities, we can influence them to promote healing in this reality.


Here you have the summary of their unique characteristics to help you discern which may align best with your healing journey:

  1. Radionic Table:
    • Function: Investigating, balancing, and healing unbalanced energies.
    • Approach: Rooted in sacred geometry, utilizing ancient symbols and frequencies.
    • Benefits: Restoring energetic equilibrium, addressing dissonant energies, promoting holistic harmony.
  2. Quantum Vibrational Table:
    • Function: Facilitating deep healing and transformation through quantum principles.
    • Approach: Leveraging quantum frequencies to recalibrate energy fields and consciousness.
    • Benefits: Rapid and profound shifts in consciousness and well-being, accessing higher states of awareness and vitality.

In essence, while both tables share the goal of promoting holistic well-being, they differ in their approach and underlying principles. Whether you’re drawn to the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry or the cutting-edge innovations of quantum physics, both tables offer a pathway to profound healing and self-discovery.


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Attention: Any Holistic treatment does not dispense medical treatment or the use of medication, it only works as a complementary therapy.

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