Ayurvedic Incense Discovery



Embrace the wisdom of Ayurveda, enhance your spiritual growth, and indulge your senses with this Ayurvedic Incense Discovery. Each stick carries the essence of tradition, nature, and community, making it a truly holistic experience. Order your roll of 14 sticks today and embark on a journey to rediscover your natural balance….

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Ayurvedic Incense Discovery
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Discover the essence of Ayurveda with our Ayurvedic Incense Discovery set. This assortment is a journey through the heart of ancient Indian medicine, offering you a curated selection of incense sticks that encompass the wisdom of over 5,000 years.

🌿 Assorted Ayurvedic Incense: Each roll contains 2 sticks of every Ayurvedic incense variant, carefully crafted to introduce you to the world of Ayurveda.

🌱 Balancing the Doshas: Ayurveda, the “doctrine of life,” focuses on harmonizing your unique constitution. These incense sticks have been meticulously prepared to help balance the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas, aiding in your pursuit of holistic well-being.

🌸 Supporting Vital Centers: Immerse yourself in the healing energy of these incenses, believed to positively influence the 7 vital centers, or chakras, within your body. Each stick burns for approximately 25 minutes, allowing you to embark on a sensory journey to inner harmony.

🍃 Medicinal Elegance: Our Ayurvedic incense variants are 100% natural and are reputed to have medicinal properties. While they are not a substitute for medical advice, they can complement your well-being practices. If you have a serious health condition, we recommend consulting a healthcare professional.

🤝 Empowering Communities: These incense sticks are handcrafted with love and dedication by the Soliga community, residing in the lush native forests of Karnataka. Your purchase not only enriches your life but also contributes to the livelihood of this community. A portion of the proceeds is donated to the Vivekananda Girijana Kalyana Kendra (VGKK), a humanitarian organization supporting the Soliga community.

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