WHITE SAGE is a sacred plant to the North American Indians that grows wild in the deserts from the western United States to New Mexico. Its cleansing and purifying power is enormous! Burning a single White Sage leaf perfumes the room with its unique aroma, bringing a sense of well-being, peace, energy, and joy. This smoking is widely used for purification, protection, and renewal.

White Sage is a native plant  to high desert ecosystems and grows predominantly in California, United States. For hundreds of years, White Sage has been considered a sacred, purifying, and protective plant. Its leaves of the plant are whitish green.

Native Americans began the tradition of using White Sage to ward off evil spirits and negative energies. In addition, it was widely used in ceremonies to ask for blessings for health and prosperity, banishing spirits, and promoting protection. White Sage has the power to amplify any cleansing and protection technique. White Sage is also said to have Spirit, dedicated to offering protection, blessings, and spiritual cleansing.

How to use White Sage?

Most people choose to burn it to release and clear energy from people and spaces. The ritual of burning White Sage leaves has its smoke directed at areas that need cleansing and protection. The idea is that as the leaves are burned you speak or pray, expressing your gratitude for their help, the spirit of the sage plant releases its energy of protection and cleansing to the space or object that needs to be cleansed.
As the smoke spreads through the room, object, or person, it attaches itself to the negative, heavy energy within that which you intend to cleanse. When the smoke clears, the White Sage Spirit carries the negative energy back into the spiritual light. This heavy energy is then released, so that it can regenerate into something positive.

You can perform this ritual on anything or anyone that needs an energetic cleansing (if it’s a living thing, remember to ask permission, even if it’s an animal). You can use White Sage to help clear a room, a building, a property, a person, an animal, etc. It can help release energies and thought-forms that are negative or no longer serve you. You can even ask it to help clear unknown energies from a stone or an object that you have received as a gift!

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