Here you find the translation of the Explanatory Leaflet that you find in this Kit


The power of love Fills the vastness of space. Where there is love there is life, where there is love there is happiness, where there is love there is friendship, where there is to love there is prosperity and peace.


🌹Torch of Rose: Roses have long been used in love blends due to their association with emotions. Rose petals, mixed with cedar, laurel and eucalyptus in this bouquet, are a powerful emotional healer, healer and harmonizer. Smoking our home with rose soothes personal tensions by uniting its members in love and brotherhood.

🥀Bombita with rose petals and olibanum: In times of purification, meditation and cleansing, this Frankincense and Rose Bombita is an important healing tool. Frankincense and Rose combined together purify and attract unconditional and inexhaustible heavenly love, leaving a contained and protected atmosphere.

🌺Triangle of rose and olibanum: The triangle is a geometric figure corresponding to the number 3, representing the trinity, “Light, love and will”. The triangle symbolizes perfection, harmony and wisdom. The rose petals and incense contained in this incense harmonize spaces, attracting divine light, love and protection to all who come into contact with its purifying and renewing smoke.

☄️Rose Quartz Amulet: Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It is a very important mineral, which represents the essence of love on earth. It works by gently drawing loving vibrations from the Universe into our being. It is recommended to wear it as an amulet to attract light energy into your life. Quartz should be purified once a month if possible.
The recommended means of purification are: Pass the quartz over the smoke of the sahúmo, sahumerio or bombita. Wash the crystal with water and leave it overnight under the moonlight. In this way, the crystal will remain clean and purified, its protective and harmonizing effect will be strong and far-reaching.

🌿Incense of rose petals and olibanum: As we have already said, olibanum and roses are a great source of unconditional love, they also purify spaces, environments and workplaces, attracting passion, harmony and positive energy, Important: Fumigate in a ventilated place and dispose of the remains in the ground.


Petals of love kit