Here you find the translation of the Explanatory Leaflet that you find in this Kit:

Sahumar is an act of purification, connection with nature.

The smoke elevates our intentions and prayers, it connects us with the earth and the universe.

Sahumar cleanses the energies and connects with our essence. After an exhausting day or after going through a challenging moment, when we need spiritual assistance from our guides or the force of nature, when we feel confused about a situation. The ritual of the sahumo tidies up, balances and brings us back to our axis. We should always perform this ritual when moving to a new home and in our work spaces. All the products in this kit are manufactured exclusively with natural, true and deep cleansing in mind.


Energetic Pyramid (1 piece) The Pyramid:

Ancient divine geometry, is a symbol of fire, powerful connection between heavenly and earthly worlds, union of the sun and stars, energy of life and transformation, conductor of cosmic power on the environment where it is used. Covered with Yagra crystals and incense, it has great creative and transforming power, it carries the message or petition to the ends of the universe manifesting what we thought was difficult to achieve.

Incense tablet (1piece):

The incense God in resin, connector between the earthly and spiritual world, holy purifying essence of the universe. Its drops flood the atmosphere of love, peace and prosperity, it gives rise to the opening and evolution of the inner being and maximizes our divine essence.

Orange sahumo and frankincense (1 piece):

Orange and the incense in essence are the power of transformation, fertility and happiness. Orange, associated with the sun, gives vital energy and implies a new rebirth with creativity and expansion of consciousness. This perfume is renewing, protective, giver of infinite light. It cleanses and purifies the body, mind, soul and environments. This sahumo contains aromatic herbs that provide: rosemary connecting power, rue protective power and cedar power of transmutation.

Lavender and frankincense bulbs (3 pieces):

Lavender comes from the Latin Lavare (to wash). For its purifying and cleansing properties, it is relaxing, helps spiritual healing, releases personal blockages and attracts positive energies. We add to it the power of frankincense, giving an opening, purification and spiritual connection.

Combined double sahumos (3pieces):

These incenses have two layers: the first one contains palo santo that purifies, attracts light, love and protection to the spaces. The second layer contains myrrh and frankincense resins that brings deep cleansing and attracts higher states of consciousness, frees the soul and spaces of dense energies, which opens the way to a new awakening in our lives.

Sahumador (1 piece) :

This container is used to smoke and do your energetic cleansing.