Charcoal Disk 7 Days Cleaning


Elevate your well-being and embrace daily purification with our Charcoal Disk 7 Days Cleaning Set. Begin each day with renewed energy, as you let the soothing aroma of herbs and resin envelop your senses. Unlock the transformative potential of a clean slate, one day at a time…


Charcoal disk 7 days cleaning

Elevate your daily ritual with our Charcoal Disk 7 Days Cleaning Set. Designed to purify and renew your energy each day of the week, this collection is a harmonious blend of tradition and modern craftsmanship.

🌿 Pure Composition: Immerse yourself in the natural goodness of aromatic herbs, olibanum resin, concentrated herbal oil, a natural binder, and salt. Each ingredient is thoughtfully chosen for its purifying properties.

🙌 Handmade Excellence: Crafted with care and precision, these cleaning tablets are handmade to perfection, ensuring every day’s cleansing experience is exceptional.

🌅 Daily Renewal: Embrace a fresh start every day as you ignite the power of these charcoal disks. Let their gentle smoke cleanse your space and revitalize your spirit, one day at a time.

Extended Use: Each disk provides up to 15 minutes of fragrant, cleansing smoke, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the purification process.

Note: The discs smoke a lot!

With 7 units in each set, you’ll have a dedicated cleaning tablet for each day of the week. This thoughtful assortment makes it easy to establish a daily ritual, aligning your energies with the cleansing power of nature’s gifts.


Myrrh & Benzoin:

Elevate your daily rituals with our Charcoal Disk 7 Days Cleaning, a transformative experience that purifies and harmonizes your space with the wisdom of ancient resins like Myrrh and Benzoin.

🔥 Powerful Purification: Myrrh, known for its purifying properties, takes center stage in this cleansing ritual. It harmonizes energies and purifies your environment, making it a sanctuary for your spiritual practices.

🌿 Enhanced by Resins: Myrrh’s unique ability to amplify the power of other resins is harnessed in this blend. It harmoniously combines with Olibanum, Benzoin, and other resins to create a holistic cleansing experience that’s both potent and soothing.

🧘‍♀️ Meditation & Contemplation: Myrrh’s ancient history in meditation and contemplation makes it an ideal companion for your mindfulness journey. It creates an atmosphere conducive to inner reflection and spiritual growth.

🛡️ Protective Benzoin: Benzoin, another key component, adds an extra layer of protection to your space. Its purifying and shielding qualities create a barrier against negative energies, keeping your environment safe and serene.

Extended Duration: Our charcoal disks burn brightly for up to 15 minutes, allowing you to immerse yourself in the cleansing experience with each tablet.


Rose & Lavender:

Step into a realm of love, renewal, and pure tranquility with our Charcoal Disk 7 Days Cleaning Rose & Lavender. These cleansing tablets are more than just charcoal; they’re a gateway to a world where love, happiness, and harmony reign supreme.

🌹 Roses of Love: Let the timeless power of roses infuse your space with love, for where there is love, there is life, happiness, friendship, prosperity, peace, and rebirth. Roses are known to evoke emotions and fill the air with an irresistible aura of love.

💜 Lavender Harmony: Lavender, renowned for its ability to neutralize negative energies, brings balance and harmony to your surroundings. It’s a soothing balm for the nervous system, creating an oasis of peace and serenity.

🔥 Duration: Each charcoal disk burns for up to 15 minutes, releasing the potent blend of rose and lavender, cleansing and renewing your energies with every passing moment.

Purify day by day, renew your spirit, and embrace a cleansing ritual for each day of the week. Our Charcoal Disk 7 Days Cleaning Rose & Lavender is your ticket to a harmonious, love-infused journey. Allow these aromatic tablets to transform your space, uplift your soul, and bring an abundance of positivity into your life.


Sandalwood & Yagra:

Illuminate your spiritual journey with our Charcoal Disk 7 Days Cleaning Sandalwood & Yagra. This divine combination harnesses the celestial power of natural yagra from the heart of India and the sacred aroma of sandalwood, creating an enchanting experience that elevates your soul.

🌟 Celestial Aroma: Like the glow of stars, our Indian-origin yagra unveils an intense fragrance with subtle citrus notes, creating an alluring ambiance that soothes your senses.

🌿 Yagra’s Abundance: Yagra incense has been revered for generations to attract abundance, prosperity, and wealth. It’s a powerful tool to open new pathways in life, guiding you toward a future filled with opportunities.

🧘 Sandalwood Serenity: Sandalwood is a timeless aroma that fosters a deep connection with your inner self. It activates positive energies and vibrations, elevating your mind to a higher plane. Meditations with sandalwood as your guide lead you to your inner sanctum, releasing all that is unreal and allowing you to embrace the eternal now, bringing your goals within reach.

Long-Lasting: Each charcoal disk remains lit for up to 15 minutes after consuming the herbs, providing you with a cleansing and purifying experience that rejuvenates your energies day by day.


Incense & Sandalwood:

Elevate your daily rituals with our 7 Days Cleaning Incense & Sandalwood Charcoal Disk. This extraordinary blend combines the natural resin of African frankincense, also known as olibanum, with the timeless aroma of sandalwood, creating a harmonious fusion of tradition and spirituality.

🌿 Frankincense Magic: Our incense features the soft and sweet aroma of African frankincense, celebrated worldwide for its role in ancient ceremonies. It’s more than just fragrance; it’s a powerful tool for purifying, protecting, and cleansing your environment. Feel the pure and pleasant atmosphere it creates, as it purifies and attracts positive energies, surrounding you in sacred smoke.

🪶 Sandalwood Serenity: Sandalwood is the key to unlocking your inner self, activating positive energies and elevating your mind to higher realms. Meditations guided by its scent take you deep within, shedding the unreal and immersing you in the Eternal Now, empowering you to reach your goals.

Daily Cleansing: With a charcoal disk that remains lit for up to 15 minutes after consuming the herbs, you can purify day by day, renew energies day by day. Each tablet is designed to accompany you through the week, a cleansing ritual for each day.


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