Cauldron cast iron medium


Invite the enchanting spirit of the mystical cauldron into your life and practice with our Cauldron Cast Iron Medium. Unleash your creativity, connect with ancient traditions, and embrace the magic that lies within the heart of this bewitching symbol…

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Cauldron cast iron medium

Embrace the magic and mystery of the ancient arts with our Cauldron Cast Iron Medium, a captivating addition to your spiritual practice and home decor. Crafted with precision from durable cast iron, this medium-sized cauldron is reminiscent of the mystical hearths that have inspired myths, rituals, and folklore for generations.

The Cauldron is also used for rituals like incense burning.
We advise to fill the Cauldron with silver sand for charcoal burning, and it is very useful for burning any kind of incense.
The Cauldron is very stable on 3 legs.

Size cm – 9×8

For safety purposes, handle the Cauldron Cast Iron Medium with care, especially when it contains hot substances.
Keep it out of reach of children and pets when in use.

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