Combined Triple Incense


Each incense blend is a testament to the diverse traditions and cultures that have revered these elements for their spiritual significance. Immerse yourself in the essence of these sacred ingredients and elevate your spiritual practice with our Combined Triple Incense…

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Combined Triple Incense

Introducing our Combined Triple Incense – a harmonious fusion of natural resins and aromatic herbs from around the world, carefully blended to elevate your spiritual journey and enhance your space.

🌿 Diverse Compositions: Our Combined Triple Incense may contain a captivating combination of sacred elements from various traditions:

🌿Frankincense (Olibanum): Hailing from African origins, the sweet, smooth aroma of Frankincense, or olibanum, has been revered for millennia for its purifying and protective qualities. It creates an inviting and pure environment to attract positive energies.

🌿Myrrh: Extracted from trees in Arabia and Ethiopia, Myrrh carries an intense, woody fragrance. It is used for purification, healing, and cleansing of spaces, offering clarity during moments of confusion and strength in the face of negativity.

🌿Copal: Originating in Peru, Copal is an aromatic resin used by ancient Mayan and Incan cultures to purify spaces, enhance abundance, and connect with Divine energies.

🌿Yagra: From Hindu origins, Yagra emits a strong, smooth aroma with citrus undertones. It’s employed to attract abundance, prosperity, wealth, and open new pathways in life.

🌿Rue: Prepared to clean and protect environments, Rue brings renewed energies of love, emotional and spiritual balance, and harmonization.

🌿Champa: Nag champa, a famous scent from India, blends natural ingredients like sandalwood and essential oils to create a warm, sweet fragrance. It not only adds positive energy to the air but also fosters a sacred atmosphere, perfect for meditation, while offering health benefits and repelling insects.

🌿Sandalwood: Sourced from Australia and India, Sandalwood’s aroma purifies the air with its anti-bacterial properties and heals both body and mind. It induces tranquility and restores drained energy.

🌿Rosemary: For divine protection, courage, and intuition, Rosemary is a powerful inclusion in our Triple Incense.

🌿Palo Santo: Known as “holy wood,” Palo Santo is a sacred and purifying element. It has been used for centuries to increase feelings of calm and well-being, attracting positive, healing, and harmonious energies to spaces and those who encounter its captivating aroma.

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