Energy healing – Thought cards


Discover the transformative potential of “Énergie de guérison” as you delve into a world of positive affirmations and artistic inspiration. With each card, you unlock the door to healing energy that nurtures and empowers your journey towards wholeness.

Embrace the healing journey with “Énergie de guérison” and awaken the potential within. 🌿🌌✨


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Energy healing – Thought cards

🌿 “Énergie de guérison” Card Set 🌿

Experience healing in every card with our “Énergie de guérison” set. Featuring 54 illustrated cards by artist Mario Duguay, each card holds a positive affirmation for inner growth. Simply choose a card, focus on the artwork, and let healing energy flow through you.

🔮 Key Features:

  • 54 Illustrated Healing Cards
  • Positive Affirmations by Mario Duguay

💫 Transformative Power: Find solace and guidance with each card. Unlock the potential of healing energy to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

🌱 Order Today: Embrace the journey of self-discovery with “Énergie de guérison.” Let healing energy transform your life.

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