Halley Lavender Cologne – Original 500 ml


Unlock the mystical world of Lavender and embark on a journey of spiritual growth with our Halley Lavender Cologne. Embrace the power of Lavender today!



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Halley Lavender Cologne – Original 500 ml

Introducing our Halley Lavender Cologne – Original 500 ml, a Brazilian artisanal creation deeply rooted in Afro-Brazilian mystical traditions.

Unlock the power of Lavender with this exquisite cologne, meticulously crafted to elevate your spiritual journey and well-being.

🌿 Immerse yourself in its rich history:

Handmade with care, this Lavender Cologne has been cherished for generations and is widely used in temple grounds and terreiros. It carries the essence of ancient rituals and traditions, making it a symbol of spiritual enlightenment.

🧘 Elevate your meditation and mood:

Experience the soothing embrace of Lavender as it uplifts your spirits and enhances the power of meditation. Let the calming aroma guide you to a state of inner peace and tranquility.

🛡️ Shield against negativity:

Our Lavender Cologne is not just a fragrance; it’s a shield against negative influences. Use it to create a protective aura around you and ward off any unwanted energies.


⚠️ Important Note:

While this Lavender Cologne holds remarkable spiritual significance, please remember it is for external and specialized use only. Keep it out of reach of children and animals, and avoid ingestion.


WARNING: External use. Do not ingest.


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