Herbal 7 Powers Bulb


Indulge in the richness of nature’s gifts as they blend seamlessly into a sensory masterpiece. Whether you’re seeking to unwind after a long day, enhance your meditation practice, or simply revel in the beauty of aromatic notes, our Bulb-shaped Incense Composition offers a symphony of scents that resonate with your holistic well-being. Transform your space into a haven of tranquility and connection with this exquisite blend…

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Herbal 7 Powers Bulb

Introducing our captivating Bulb-shaped Incense Blend, a harmonious fusion of nature’s treasures thoughtfully composed to elevate your senses and surroundings. Immerse yourself in the enchanting dance of fragrances, each ingredient meticulously chosen to create a symphony of scents that transport you to serene landscapes.

🌿 Natural Fusion: Crafted from a blend of lavender flower, rue, laurel, eucalyptus, good grass, inca yuyo, cedar, and natural agglutinant.

🌸 Lavender Serenity: Let the calming essence of lavender envelop you, promoting relaxation and a tranquil ambiance.

🌱 Botanical Diversity: Immerse in a multi-layered experience as various natural elements come together, evoking a connection to the earth.

Elevate your rituals and daily moments with the captivating fragrant tendrils of our Bulb-shaped Incense Blend. As you light these incense cones, watch as the delicate smoke weaves a tapestry of scents that revive your spirit and create an atmosphere of serenity.


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