Incense Lavender, Olibanum


Elevate your rituals, cleanse your space, and invoke a protective aura with our Lavender and Olibanum Incense. Embrace the ancient wisdom of these revered fragrances and let them guide you towards balance, harmony, and purity in your life…

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Incense Lavender, Olibanum

Unveil the ancient art of purification and protection with our Lavender and Olibanum Incense. Crafted with reverence, this artisanal incense blend brings the age-old wisdom of these sacred fragrances to your sacred space.

🌿 Aromatic Alchemy: Lavender, in full bloom, intertwines with the commanding presence of Frankincense (Olíbano), creating a fragrant symphony that cleanses, purifies, and uplifts your environment.

🛡️ Protection and Purity: Lavender, renowned for its ability to neutralize negative energies, transforms them into a positive force, fostering balance and harmony. Meanwhile, Olibanum attracts positive energy, making your space a sanctuary of positivity.

🔮 Ancient Wisdom: Embrace the age-old tradition of using sacred smoke to protect your home and spirit. Allow the powerful combination of Lavender and Olibanum to envelop you in their mystical embrace.

🌬️ Calming Aura: While Frankincense takes the lead in the scent profile, the soothing essence of Lavender adds a gentle touch, creating a harmonious blend that calms your senses.

Our Artisan Incense is a labor of love, handmade with care and intention. Each package contains 9 extra-long, thick sticks, ensuring hours of aromatic delight. With a burn time of 50 minutes per stick, you have ample time to immerse yourself in the transformative power of these sacred scents.

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