This blend is more than incense; it’s an invitation to rekindle the beating heart of the great forests and walk alongside the spirits of the past. Let the gentle whispers of Copal, the invigorating energies of Rue and Cedar, and the soul-soothing presence of White Sage guide you on a path of introspection, empowerment, and reverence for the sacred…

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Step into the realm of ancient traditions and profound mysticism with our Native Mix of Resins and Incense – a captivating blend that awakens the spirit and transports you to the heart of tribal landscapes. Crafted with intention and reverence, this aromatic symphony unites Copal, Olibanum, White Sage, Rue, Cedar, and Essential Oils, guiding you on a journey of soulful connection.

🌿 Echoes of Ancestry: Within this blend, hear the resonating call of the Original Tribe, a timeless echo that reverberates through Copal, Olibanum, and Cedar, embracing the essence of our roots.

🔮 Mystical Bonds: Let the warm, soft, and luminous tones of Copal envelop you in a mystical embrace, evoking the deep connections of ancestral peoples with the sacred.

🌬️ Clarity and Presence: The aromatic dance of White Sage transports you to the heart of Sweet lodges, where clarity and presence reign, offering a gateway to the here and now.

💪 Empowerment Within: The inclusion of Rue and Cedar infuses strength and empowerment into your being, awakening your inner peace warrior and igniting a sense of purpose.

As you light our Native Mix of Resins and Incense, you embark on a transformative journey. The fragrant tendrils unfurl, weaving a tapestry of scents that honor the wisdom of ancient tribes and the strength that resides within us all. With each inhalation, embrace the memories, connections, and empowerment that arise, enveloping your space in a blanket of Mistic and Tribal Aroma.

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