Sahumo 4 Herbes of Season


Embrace the transformative power of nature’s finest scents with Harmony’s Aroma Torche. Let the combination of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Cedar, and Laurel guide you on a blissful journey of relaxation, cleansing, and inner harmony. Rediscover the enchanting aroma of the natural world and infuse your space with positive energies, one fragrant swirl at a time…

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Introducing the Sahumo 4 herbes of season – A Natural Fumigation Torch with a Blissful Blend of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Cedar, and Laurel

Ritual and Cleansing Purposes: The Harmony’s Aroma Torche is perfect for various ritual practices and space cleansing. Use it during meditation, yoga, or spiritual ceremonies to create a sacred ambiance and set positive intentions.

Rosemary: elevates the spirit, cleansing our energy.
Laurel: cleanses and protects our auric field, keeps away negative energies.
Eucalyptus: soothes emotions and gives mental clarity and peace.
Cedar: protects the physical and spiritual body.

Artisanal herb bundle

Use: to smoke
Duration: each incense lasts +2 hours

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