Sahúmo 7 Purification Herbs


Elevate your spiritual practice, cleanse your space, and embrace the rejuvenating energy of these seven sacred herbs. Let their magic accompany you on your path to inner harmony and well-being…

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Sahúmo 7 Purification Herbs

Embrace the power of purification and renewal with our Sahúmo 7 Purification Herbs, a carefully crafted blend of nature’s gifts to elevate your spiritual journey.

🌿 Seven Sacred Herbs: This exquisite bundle features seven sacred herbs, each with its unique properties and purpose.

  1. Jarilla: For Protection.
  2. Sage: To Purify and Cleanse.
  3. Yellow Stick: A Relaxing Companion.
  4. Mint: For Renewal and Fresh Beginnings.
  5. Cedar: To Bring Peace and Serenity.

🍃 Handmade Elegance: Each herb bundle is a work of art, meticulously crafted by hand to ensure the highest quality and intention in every bundle.

Contained within the heart of these bundles are the harmonious trio of cedar, laurel, and eucalyptus, adding an extra layer of serenity and purity to your smudging experience.

Transformative Ritual: Whether you’re seeking protection, purification, relaxation, renewal, or peace, our Sahúmo 7 Purification Herbs are here to guide you on your spiritual journey. Each smudging session lasts over 2 hours, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the transformative power of these sacred herbs.

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