Discover the enchanting world of aromatics with our Herb and Incense Burner, a versatile and reliable tool for all your sacred rituals and aromatic delights. Embrace the power of scents to transform your space, uplift your spirits, and bring tranquility and mindfulness into your life…

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Shamanic Burner – Spoon

Your Perfect Companion for Sacred Rituals and Aromatic Bliss.

Elevate your spiritual practices and embrace the enchanting world of aromatics with this Herb and Incense Burner. Crafted with  ceramic and thoughtful design, this burner offers a safe and efficient way to burn various herbs, resins, torches, charcoal pellets, and incense sticks, allowing you to create a sacred and aromatic atmosphere in any setting. – Spoon-shaped for easy handling

different colors – according to availability

Ceramic material – Diameter: 7.5 cm.

Attention: Place burning incense out of the reach of children and pets, away from flammable objects and draft.

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