Spiritual Awareness Ritual Candles – 10pcs


🕯️✨ Ignite Your Spiritual Journey with our Spiritual Awareness Ritual Candles – Set of 10! 🔮🌈

Elevate your spiritual practice with our enchanting set of 10 Lilac Ritual Candles, each standing at a perfect length of 13cm. 🕯️💜

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🌟 Key Features:

  • 🌈 Spiritual Awakening: Immerse yourself in the tranquil energy of lilac, enhancing your spiritual awareness and deepening your connection to the divine.
  • 🕯️ Set of 10 Candles: Elevate your rituals with a collection of mass-tinted candles, each carefully crafted to bring a touch of magic to your sacred space.

🌈 Why Choose Spiritual Awareness Ritual Candles:

  • 🔮 Transformative Energies: Lilac, the color of spiritual enlightenment, helps you attune to higher frequencies and unlock hidden insights.
  • 📏 Perfect Dimensions: With a length of 13cm, these candles are the ideal companions for your spiritual journey.

🎁 What’s Included:

  • 💜 Set of 10: Abundant candles to accompany you through numerous moments of spiritual reflection and growth.
  • 📜 Enhanced Spiritual Connection: Immerse yourself in the lilac glow and feel the energies align as you deepen your spiritual awareness.

💡 How to Use:

  • 🧘 Daily Rituals: Incorporate these candles into your daily rituals for heightened spiritual awareness.
  • 🌙 Meditation Companion: Light a lilac candle during meditation to enhance your connection with the spiritual realm.

🛍️ Ready to elevate your spiritual journey? Add the Spiritual Awareness Ritual Candles to your cart and let the lilac glow guide you to new realms of consciousness! 🌟🔮

Place out of reach of children and pets.
Do not place in a drafty spot.
Do not leave a burning canlde unattended.
Place on a heat resistant surface.
Use a candle holder, candelabra, or something large and heat resistant
When the wax is fully melted, carefully move the candle only if needed, as the wick can easy move to the side of the glass.
Failure to follow these rules may cause accidents and is the responsibility of the user.

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