The fortune Teller drawstring pouches


Immerse yourself in the enchantment of the esoteric world with our Fortune Teller Drawstring Pouches. Elevate your divination journey with the alluring symbolism and craftsmanship of these mystical carriers. Keep your most cherished treasures close to your heart, and let the magic unfold every time you draw the strings and explore the realm of the unknown…


4 Different choices for this beautiful velvet Tarot pouches:

Embrace the allure of the mystical and the unknown with our Fortune Teller Drawstring Pouches. These beautifully crafted pouches are designed to hold your most cherished trinkets, tarot cards, crystals, and other divination tools, infusing them with an air of intrigue and magic. Whether you’re a seasoned fortune teller or a curious seeker, these pouches are the perfect companion for storing and carrying your treasures of the arcane.

The convenient drawstring closure ensures easy access to your belongings, making these pouches ideal for tarot card readers, fortune tellers, crystal enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a touch of magic in their everyday life.

These pouches make thoughtful gifts for friends, family, or anyone intrigued by the mystical arts. Share the magic and wonder of divination with those you cherish.

A bundle of our 4 styles of velvet drawstring bag. Perfect place to keep tarot decks and oracle cards when not in use. Soft and luxurious with stunning, mystical designs on the front. Designs include black Moon Tarot Card, black Tarot Readings, pink Tarot Card Pair, and purple Tarot Hands.

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