The oracle of soul contracts


🌿Elevate your understanding of relationships with the Karmic Connections Oracle. Perfect for seekers of truth and enlightenment, this boxed set offers a transformative journey into the depths of the soul.

🌟 Order Now: Unravel the mysteries of your relationships and embark on a journey of self-discovery with the Karmic Connections Oracle. Embrace the power of karmic healing and unlock the keys to profound transformation.

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The oracle of soul contracts –
understanding and unlocking your love relationships

đź”® Unlock the Mysteries of Your Relationships with the Karmic Connections Oracle đź”®

Dive deep into the intricate web of your relationships with our Karmic Connections Oracle. Whether you’re seeking clarity on soul mates, fleeting connections, or karmic debts, this mystical tool is your guide to deciphering the profound bonds that tie us together.

🌟 Key Features:

  • 160-page full-color book for comprehensive insights
  • 48 beautifully illustrated cards for intuitive guidance
  • Velvet storage bag for convenient and stylish storage

đź’– Explore the Depths of Your Connections: Delve into the energies that bind you and your partner, whether it’s a lover, ex, or crush. Uncover hidden blockages and soul contracts inherited from past lives, and discover actionable steps to evolve together on every level – physical, emotional, and energetic.

🌌 Free Yourself from Repetitive Patterns: Break free from the shackles of repetitive patterns and transcend your karmic relationships. With the Karmic Connections Oracle, you’ll gain the wisdom and insight needed to navigate the complexities of your connections and pave the way for profound personal growth.

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