Tibetan Incense – Relaxation


Breathe in the essence of Tibet, embrace the harmony of r’Lung, and support a noble cause with every stick of our Traditional Tibetan Incense – Relaxation. Feel the soul of Tibet infuse your space as you embark on a path to serenity, one fragrant moment at a time.

The incense is made from only natural products. Traditional Tibetan incense does not contain any solvent, preservatives or synthetic products. The active substances of the plants are optimally present…

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Tibetan Incense – Relaxation

Introducing an enchanting journey to tranquility with our Traditional Tibetan Incense – Relaxation. Embark on a sensory odyssey to the heart of Tibet, where ancient traditions and the Himalayan landscape converge to create an incense that soothes your spirit and supports a noble cause.

🏞️ Journey to Tibet: Immerse yourself in the mystique of Tibet, a realm where nature’s harmony and centuries-old traditions intertwine.

🙏 Crafted by Healing Hands: Created by Dr. Dolkar, a revered medicine woman of the 15th generation of Tibetan doctors, this incense bears the legacy of healing wisdom.

🌱 Nature’s Symphony: Composed of an intricate blend of over 10 plant and tree species, each stick carries the essence of Tibet’s diverse flora.

⛰️ Flow of Energy: Drawing from Tibetan medicine’s perspective, this incense supports the free flow of r’Lung, harmonizing body, soul, and mind.

Experience the embodiment of nature’s wisdom and the Himalayan spirit as you light our Traditional Tibetan Incense. With each fragrant swirl, you invite the tranquility of Tibet into your space, releasing tension and guiding you on a journey to inner peace.

More than just incense, this creation embodies a noble mission. By purchasing this incense, you contribute to Dr. Dolkar’s mission of providing affordable consultations to her community. Every wisp of fragrant smoke carries the legacy of healing, unity, and the rich tapestry of Tibetan traditions.

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