The Dolath Talisman

A powerful Talisman of strength!

Where does it come from?

Used since time immemorial in the distant regions of the Middle East by the first Judeo-Christians, these talismans are finally available to all. It originates from those dangerous and mysterious lands located between the East and the West.

The symbols that make up this talisman are part of the ancestral magic of the ancient Mage-Therapists of the Middle East, which combines the powerful Kabbalistic magic, the mysterious magic of the Gnostics and the ancient Manichaeists. This powerful magic is still very mysterious today. Only fragmentary elements have reached us since the Middle Ages and through a few rare grimoires, such as “the clavicles of Solomon”.

The followers of this magic have always been able to preserve the powerful mysteries of their rites through the centuries. This talisman was used by these magicians to protect themselves from the evil actions and demonic magics of sorcerers. It had the faculty to recharge positively, with the arrival of the religious intolerance one fixed it inside the houses always above the door or facing its opening.

This talisman combines several magical figures: the pentagram, star of the man, the seal of Solomon, the cross of the Gnostic life, the triangle of the Shin, one of the three mother-letters kabbalistic and other mysterious and powerful symbols.

How to use it?

This talisman of doorstep has indeed several functions, it has above all a role of protection. It acts as a shield that neutralizes evil spirits and hunts outside the doors. It prevents from attacks, curses and spells. It regulates the bad astrological or geobiological influences of the house and its residents by reharmonizing the subtle energies.

This talisman also has the power to redistribute the cosmic and terrestrial energies on all the occupants of the house. Placed on the doorstep it acts as an “energetic shower of power” on all those who cross it.

Any house with this positive and beneficial talisman will see its inhabitants enjoy a life filled with health and prosperity.