Florida Water Murray and Lanman

Florida Water is a type of cologne or perfume water that has been popular since the 19th century. It was originally created by the New York City perfumers Murray and Lanman in 1808, and was named after the state of Florida.

Murray and Lanman’s Florida Water was originally advertised as a cure-all for a variety of ailments, including headaches, fever, and nervousness. However, it soon became more popular as a fragrance, and was used by both men and women as a refreshing scent for daily use.

Over the years, Florida Water has become a staple in many different cultures and traditions, and is often used in spiritual practices such as meditation and energy healing. It is also used as a cleansing agent, and is believed to have purifying properties that can help to remove negative energy and promote positive energy flow.

Today, Florida Water is still produced by a number of different companies, but the original formula created by Murray and Lanman is still available and remains popular among fans of the classic fragrance.”

Its use in ritualistic and spiritual works is valid not only for the substance itself, but also for the great energetic egregore created around its fame. In addition, its refreshing and enveloping aroma will certainly bring a state of relaxation that is ideal to work on states of mental serenity and spiritual alignment.

The most common use, besides the obvious personal fragrance, is to drip drops on the hands, rub them together, run the hands (still moistened by the cologne) over the head as if cleaning the body.

Other ways to use:

Note: Florida water is flammable, so always be mindful when using it around candles.

-Spray: can be used for energetic cleansing on the person or environment. It can be sprayed around the person to help spiritual connection;
-Energy restorative baths: mix a small amount (2ml) in 5 liters of warm water (do not boil).
-Offerings: spray or soak your offerings to deities/entities with the cologne;
-Cleaning environment: add a small amount to a bucket of water (with detergent at most, for no other component to attack the substances of the cologne) and spread on walls, floors, objects and furniture;
-Foot scrub: great for restoring energy and cleaning;
-Cleanse your crystals with diluted Florid Water
-Fill a small bowl with Florida Water and place it by your front door to draw out negative energy, from your home. Replace the Water when the bowl is empty.

The Ingredients

The base ingredient is alcohol with the addition of dissolved essential oils. Historically lavender was the main fragrance but agua de Florida now contains bergamot, neroli, lemon, cloves, cinnamon, rose and orange flower.

Nowadays there are different types of colonies, whether it’s Rue, Palo Santo, but the effects and treatment are the same as with Agua Florida.