Imperial Anil also known as Spirtual Anil

If you look with care, indigo is a purple escaping further into the color blue/anil. This color intensely symbolizes the magic of our intuition, spirituality, respect, transformation, and purification, therefore, it is metaphysical energy in potency.

In several spiritual currents, indigo is the chosen product to keep bad energies away from environments, to keep low vibration spirits away, and mainly for such important energetic cleansings, thus providing peace, harmony, and the good energies of the Universe…


Spiritual cleaning of environments

– Fill a bucket with two liters of water and dissolve the Anil stone inside (whole or half).
– Completely clean the environment (home, workplace, etc.) that you want to spiritually cleanse.
– Throw away everything that is of no use, such as broken objects or old clothes.
– Wet a clean cloth in water diluted with Anil, wring it well, and wipe it over the floor, walls, and doorknobs (these are the places where negative energies are most concentrated). Also pass it around where you feel there are bad energies.
– To balance the environment, pray aloud for a month some biblical psalms of your choice or the prayer that is recomended from the manufacturer, and light violet/lilac candles (these candles are known for their ability to transmute negative energies into positive energies).



Or other prayers that resonate with you. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, use something that is meaningful and coherent for you!

Don’t forget, your Intention is key, as also your own believes!


Bath with Anil

– Dissolve the Anil stone in one liter of water.
– Add 21 drops of Lavender Essential Oil.
– Take a normal bath, dry yourself well with a white towel, and then pour all the water prepared with the indigo over your body. (Always from the neck to the hemline, do NOT wet the head so as not to interfere with the Crown Chakra, responsible for our connection to Heaven).
– Then pray out loud the well-known Psalm 23 and try to keep yourself isolated and at peace for 20 minutes.
– The use of indigo for spiritual cleansing can be repeated every 90 days if you feel the need.


Thank you so much, God, for this place of conviviality
God enlighten, guide, and protect all who enter here
Thank You, God, for Your safety and protection
In every inch of this blessed house
God manifests Himself by purifying it definitively
Thank You, God
Those who come with evil thoughts, as they cross this blessed door, God the Father, purify their minds making them our best friends
God, watch over and protect this sacred place of conviviality, making my (family, friends, neighbors, suppliers and clients) have the satisfaction of being with us and sharing our friendship.
Thank you very much.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures and leads me beside still waters.
He comforts my soul and leads me in straight paths, honoring His good name.
Though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear nothing, for You, Lord, are with me. Your rod and Your staff give me safety.
You have prepared a banquet for me in front of my enemies. You have received me with every honor and filled my cup to overflowing.
Indeed, Your kindness and Your love accompany me throughout my life. And in your house, Lord, I will dwell forever.

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