Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Reading is a holistic approach that uses Intuition and connection with the individual’s energy field to access information and guidance that can assist in self-knowledge, personal growth and challenge resolution.

During the session, the practitioner tunes in to the client’s energy and picks up messages, images and sensations that can bring clarification and direction to specific issues.

This practice is not linked to any specific religion or belief, being a way to explore the intuitive potential and inner wisdom of each person. Intuitive reading can address various aspects of life, such as relationships, career, health and life purpose, providing valuable insights for decision making and emotional balance.

Intuitive reading is not limited to a person, but also to their house or pets.

During the intuitive reading, it is possible to see and receive the message that there are negative energies, so facilitation is required if the person wishes! It is possible to treat the person, their home, pet, object etc.
Of course, I don’t do anything without the person’s prior authorization. It’s very important to respect everyone’s free will.

At the end of the reading, I’ll give the person a Report that they can keep to see how they’ve progressed, or reread as needed.
Sometimes the answer comes with time and not right away, so having the report allows the person to do his or her research.



An energetic treatment has no space barriers, and can be sent to other states or countries. We are much more than our physical bodies; we have energetic bodies.

I will need your full name, aswell ass the Theme that you want to get a reading!

For this treatment I don’t do it face-to-face, for the simple reason that by being alone I can really concentrate on my connection without being disturbed, at which point as I’m really at ease my expansion will be much greater and more receptive.

Being closed-eyed in front of someone without speaking (since I have to be concentrated) makes me feel uncomfortable, which will interfere with the reading, and the person won’t feel comfortable sitting there for a long time without being able to speak, and so on. So I think it’s understandable that it’s done by distance!

Attention: It is important to emphasize that intuitive reading is not about future predictions or divinations, but rather a process of self-knowledge and expansion of consciousness, which enables the client to better understand their emotions, behavioral patterns, and their inner wisdom.