Eagle Candle


Embrace the empowering energy of the She-Wolf Candle and ignite your inner flame. Let its vibrant glow and invigorating fragrance awaken your vital energy, reclaim your territory, and inspire you to turn over a new leaf…


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Embrace the transformative energy of the Eagle Candle and reclaim your power, heighten your perception, and deepen your spiritual connection. Let its radiant glow and sacred aroma inspire you to choose your direction, align with your soul’s purpose, and navigate the journey of life with grace and wisdom. Experience the profound transformation that comes from reconnecting with the sacred and nurturing the essence of your soul.

Hello Karma has chosen animalistic notes – musk, and airy notes – patchouli. The woody, balsamic warmth of gaiac wood, nicknamed wood of Life by the ancients, connects earth and sky.


Place out of reach of children and pets.
Do not place in a drafty spot, this will shorten the burning time.
Do not leave a burning candle unattended.
Place on a heat resistant surface.

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