Pitta aqua oud 2 wick scented candle in copper jar


🌟 Key Features:

  • 🌊 Soothing Aqua Notes: Immerse yourself in the calming aura of aqua oud, a sophisticated blend that cools and soothes the senses. Perfect for moments of relaxation and introspection.
  • 🥥 Pure Coconut Butter & Soy Wax: Experience the ultimate indulgence with our premium blend of coconut butter and soy wax, ensuring a clean burn and long-lasting fragrance.
  • 🕯️ Dual Wick Elegance: Encased in a stunning copper-plated jar, this candle boasts two wicks, creating a warm and inviting glow that enhances any space.
  • 🌿 Ayurvedic Wisdom: Infused with the irresistible warmth of Assam agarwood oil, this candle is a must-have for balancing pitta dosha energies.

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✨🕯️ Illuminate Your Inner Harmony with our Luxurious Pitta Dosha Scented Candle! 🕯️✨

🌈 About the Product:

  • 🌬️ Less Smoke, More Serenity: The cotton wick ensures a clean burn, minimizing smoke and soot, providing a pure and serene ambiance.
  • 🌿 Natural Essential Oils: Crafted with care, our candle is infused with natural essential oils, offering an authentic and therapeutic experience.
  • 🕰️ Extended Burn Time: Enjoy up to 20 hours of blissful illumination, creating an ambiance that lingers and uplifts.

🌡️ Pitta Dosha Characteristics: Logical, focused, and often of average height and muscular build, pitta dosha personalities may struggle with moments of anger and difficulty relaxing. Our scented Ayurvedic Pitta candle is tailored to bring balance and serenity to your unique energy.

Place out of reach of children and pets.
Do not place in a drafty spot.
Do not leave a burning canlde unattended.
Place on a heat resistant surface.
When the wax is fully melted, carefully move the candle only if needed, as the wick can easy move to the side of the glass.

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