Mesa Radionica Cristal Azul

Learn about the Radionic Table Blue Crystal :

The Radionic Table is a tool for realigning and harmonizing energies.
On the Radionic Table, you get in touch with what is causing the imbalance or illness that is having an effect on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fields.

The Radionic Table is nothing more than a board composed of various radiesthesia charts and symbols, especially developed to work on cleaning, balancing, and harmonizing people, situations, objects, and environments.
It is widely used to adjust energetic influences in homes and professional environments.
The main purpose of the Radionic Table is to help people find their alignment within the cosmic consciousness, an essential mechanism to become fully integrated into the universe to which one belongs.

The Radionic Table Blue Crystal belongs to the Blue Ray egregory, and has as its guide Saint Michael the Archangel.


How a session works

In the complete session of the Blue Crystal Radionics Table we can check the vibratory frequency of each area of your life and adjust the frequency of each one.

The purpose of the session is to diagnose the disharmonious vibrations of a person or environment in order to restore the energetic balance and bring about greater health, well-being, and positivity.

-In the complete session of the blue crystal radionics table, the energetic cleansing will check all your energetic fields (personal, home, love, professional, prosperity, spiritual, your chakras…) and, if there is something interfering/blocking you from attracting to your life what you really want, a transmutation (cleansing) is performed.

From the date of the Radionic Table’s execution, the cleansing takes 21 days on average to be accomplished, and is a gradual and adaptive process for the person.

Work on your part is also necessary; it is not only the treatment of the table that will make a constant change. There are no miracles, to have constant changes there has to be a change in life so that the vibratory frequency is high.

Appointment time: Between 1h to 1h30
Type (online or via video call): Both


What you can expect from a Radionic Table appointment:

-Cleansing and harmonization of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, bringing balance and well-being to the person.
-Cleansing, harmonizing and balancing the spine and all the chakras – points through which energy flows and spreads in the body.
-Cleansing of the physical and energetic body, elimination of dissonant energies, poorly qualified and/or not belonging to the person treated.
-Harmonization of emotional, professional and family relationships.
-Transmutation of patterns, fears, blockages and traumas.
-Cleansing and harmonizing sources of illness, awakening and stimulating the healing and recovery process, balancing health.
-Harmonization of environments where there are unbalanced energies – home, work, etc.
-Personal empowerment for prosperity, abundance, love and a positive perspective on all aspects of life.


Appointment time: 1h (plus report wrtitting)

Type (offline for the moment)



An energetic treatment has no space barriers, and can be sent to other states or countries. We are much more than our physical bodies; we have energetic bodies. The treatment at a distance aims to harmonize these fields, bringing more lightness, relief, and understanding of the processes in which the person finds him/herself.

For the distance treatment, I will need a photo of you, as well as your full name, date of birth, and the city where you live.



Attention: This Blue Crystal Radionic Table treatment does not dispense medical treatment or the use of medication, it only works as a complementary therapy.